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  1. The existing Fisher’s exact test has been widely applied for investigating whether the difference between the observed frequencies is significant or not. The existing Fisher’s exact test can be applied only wh...

    Authors: Muhammad Aslam and Faten S. Alamri
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:131
  2. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) represents a formidable malignancy with a high lethality. Nonetheless, the development of vaccine and the establishment of prognostic models for precise and personalized treatmen...

    Authors: Zhiyuan Zheng, Hantao Yang, Yang Shi, Feng Zhou, Lingxiao Liu, Zhiping Yan and Xiaolin Wang
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:129
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) driven systems have been sharply growing in the recent times but this evolution is hampered by cybersecurity threats like spoofing, denial of service (DoS), distributed denial of servi...

    Authors: Yasir Ali, Habib Ullah Khan and Muhammad Khalid
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:128
  4. Answering questions related to the legal domain is a complex task, primarily due to the intricate nature and diverse range of legal document systems. Providing an accurate answer to a legal query typically nec...

    Authors: Abdelrahman Abdallah, Bhawna Piryani and Adam Jatowt
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:127
  5. The existing semi-average method under classical statistics is applied to measure the trend in the time series data. The existing semi-average method cannot be applied when the time series data is in intervals...

    Authors: Muhammad Aslam
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:126
  6. Mobility data of a moving object, called trajectory data, are continuously generated by vessel navigation systems, wearable devices, and drones, to name a few. Trajectory data consist of samples that include t...

    Authors: Bakht Zaman, Dogan Altan, Dusica Marijan and Tetyana Kholodna
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:123
  7. Keratitis is a major cause of corneal blindness worldwide. Early identification and timely treatment of keratitis can deter the disease progression, reaching a better prognosis. The diagnosis of keratitis ofte...

    Authors: Jiewei Jiang, Wei Liu, Mengjie Pei, Liufei Guo, Jingshi Yang, Chengchao Wu, Jiaojiao Lu, Ruijie Gao, Wei Chen, Jiamin Gong, Mingmin Zhu and Zhongwen Li
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:121
  8. The k-means, one of the most widely used clustering algorithm, is not only faster in computation but also produces comparatively better clusters. However, it has two major downsides, first it is sensitive to i...

    Authors: Marina Gul and M. Abdul Rehman
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:120
  9. Users on social networks such as Twitter interact with each other without much knowledge of the real-identity behind the accounts they interact with. This anonymity has created a perfect environment for bot ac...

    Authors: Ashkan Dehghan, Kinga Siuta, Agata Skorupka, Akshat Dubey, Andrei Betlen, David Miller, Wei Xu, Bogumił Kamiński and Paweł Prałat
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:119
  10. Neurological diseases are on the rise worldwide, leading to increased healthcare costs and diminished quality of life in patients. In recent years, Big Data has started to transform the fields of Neuroscience ...

    Authors: Laura Dipietro, Paola Gonzalez-Mego, Ciro Ramos-Estebanez, Lauren Hana Zukowski, Rahul Mikkilineni, Richard Jarrett Rushmore and Timothy Wagner
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:116
  11. With the development of computer vision technology, the demand for deploying vision inspection tasks on edge mobile devices is becoming increasingly widespread. To meet the requirements of application scenario...

    Authors: Hu Gang, Sheng Guanglei, Wang Xiaofeng and Jiang Jinlin
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:114
  12. Optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) has been a frequently used diagnostic method in neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) because it is non-invasive and provides a comprehensive view ...

    Authors: Wei Feng, Meihan Duan, Bingjie Wang, Yu Du, Yiran Zhao, Bin Wang, Lin Zhao, Zongyuan Ge and Yuntao Hu
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:111
  13. Fraud datasets often times lack consistent and accurate labels, and are characterized by having high class imbalance where the number of fraudulent examples are far fewer than those of normal ones. Machine lea...

    Authors: Robert K. L. Kennedy, Zahra Salekshahrezaee, Flavio Villanustre and Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:106
  14. Human Skin cancer is commonly detected visually through clinical screening followed by a dermoscopic examination. However, automated skin lesion classification remains challenging due to the visual similaritie...

    Authors: Yousef S. Alsahafi, Mohamed A. Kassem and Khalid M. Hosny
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:105
  15. The rapid development of healthcare big data has brought certain convenience to medical research and health management, but privacy protection of healthcare big data is an issue that must be considered in the ...

    Authors: Rong Jiang, Xue Chen, Yimin Yu, Ying Zhang and Weiping Ding
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:104
  16. Intrusion Detection is essential to identify malicious incidents and continuously alert many users of the Internet of Things (IoT). The constant monitoring of events generated from many devices connected to th...

    Authors: Fitsum Gebreegziabher Gebretsadik, Sabuzima Nayak and Ripon Patgiri
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:102
  17. Nowadays, the online environment is extra information-rich and allows companies to offer and receive more and more options and opportunities in multiple areas. Thus, decision-makers have abundantly available a...

    Authors: Loubna Lamrini, Mohammed Chaouki Abounaima and Mohammed Talibi Alaoui
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:97
  18. Continuously increasing data volumes from multiple sources, such as simulation and experimental measurements, demand efficient algorithms for an analysis within a realistic timeframe. Deep learning models have...

    Authors: Marcel Aach, Eray Inanc, Rakesh Sarma, Morris Riedel and Andreas Lintermann
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:96
  19. Processing large-scale graphs is challenging due to the nature of the computation that causes irregular memory access patterns. Managing such irregular accesses may cause significant performance degradation on...

    Authors: Amin Sahebi, Marco Barbone, Marco Procaccini, Wayne Luk, Georgi Gaydadjiev and Roberto Giorgi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:95
  20. The main dilemma in the case of classification tasks is to find—from among many combinations of methods, techniques and values of their parameters—such a structure of the classifier model that could achieve th...

    Authors: Paweł Ziemba, Jarosław Becker, Aneta Becker and Aleksandra Radomska-Zalas
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:94
  21. Classification and analysis of high-resolution satellite images using conventional techniques have been limited. This is due to the complex characteristics of the imagery. These images are characterized by fea...

    Authors: Adekanmi Adeyinka Adegun, Serestina Viriri and Jules-Raymond Tapamo
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:93
  22. The production of land cover maps is an everyday use of image classification applications on remote sensing. However, managing Earth observation satellite data for a large region of interest is challenging in ...

    Authors: Antonio Manuel Burgueño, José F. Aldana-Martín, María Vázquez-Pendón, Cristóbal Barba-González, Yaiza Jiménez Gómez, Virginia García Millán and Ismael Navas-Delgado
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:91
  23. This article describes a teaching strategy that synergizes computing and management, aimed at the running of complex projects in industry and academia, in the areas of civil engineering, physics, geosciences, ...

    Authors: Zoran Babović, Branislav Bajat, Dusan Barac, Vesna Bengin, Vladan Đokić, Filip Đorđević, Dražen Drašković, Nenad Filipović, Stephan French, Borko Furht, Marija Ilić, Ayhan Irfanoglu, Aleksandar Kartelj, Milan Kilibarda, Gerhard Klimeck, Nenad Korolija…
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:89
  24. The proposed model is an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference recommender system that utilizes customer investment service feedback and fuzzy neural inference solutions to generate personalized investment recommenda...

    Authors: Asefeh Asemi, Adeleh Asemi and Andrea Ko
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:87
  25. The incorporation of data analytics in the healthcare industry has made significant progress, driven by the demand for efficient and effective big data analytics solutions. Knowledge graphs (KGs) have proven u...

    Authors: Bilal Abu-Salih, Muhammad AL-Qurishi, Mohammed Alweshah, Mohammad AL-Smadi, Reem Alfayez and Heba Saadeh
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:81
  26. Ensuring the optimal performance of power transformers is a laborious task in which the insulation system plays a vital role in decreasing their deterioration. The insulation system uses insulating oil to cont...

    Authors: Manuel J. Jiménez-Navarro, María Martínez-Ballesteros, Francisco Martínez-Álvarez and Gualberto Asencio-Cortés
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2023 10:80

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