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  1. Nowadays, due to the constantly growing amount of textual information, automatic text summarization constitutes an important research area in natural language processing. In this work, we present a novel frame...

    Authors: Panagiotis Kouris, Georgios Alexandridis and Andreas Stafylopatis
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:95
  2. Emotions are fundamental to human behaviour. How we feel, individually and collectively, determines how humanity evolves and advances into our shared future. The rapid digitalisation of our personal, social an...

    Authors: Gihan Gamage, Daswin De Silva, Nishan Mills, Damminda Alahakoon and Milos Manic
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:93
  3. In the current industrial landscape, a significant number of sectors are grappling with the challenges posed by unstructured data, which incurs financial losses amounting to millions annually. If harnessed eff...

    Authors: Supriya V. Mahadevkar, Shruti Patil, Ketan Kotecha, Lim Way Soong and Tanupriya Choudhury
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:92
  4. The article introduces an innovative approach to global optimization and feature selection (FS) using the RIME algorithm, inspired by RIME-ice formation. The RIME algorithm employs a soft-RIME search strategy ...

    Authors: Ruba Abu Khurma, Malik Braik, Abdullah Alzaqebah, Krishna Gopal Dhal, Robertas Damaševičius and Bilal Abu-Salih
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:89
  5. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a highly prevalent form of liver cancer that necessitates accurate prediction models for early diagnosis and effective treatment. Machine learning algorithms have demonstrated...

    Authors: Ghada Mostafa, Hamdi Mahmoud, Tarek Abd El-Hafeez and Mohamed E. ElAraby
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:88
  6. The classification of imbalanced datasets is a prominent task in text mining and machine learning. The number of samples in each class is not uniformly distributed; one class contains a large number of samples...

    Authors: Muhammad Mujahid, EROL Kına, Furqan Rustam, Monica Gracia Villar, Eduardo Silva Alvarado, Isabel De La Torre Diez and Imran Ashraf
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:87
  7. OCR2SEQ represents an innovative advancement in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, leveraging a multi-modal generative augmentation strategy to overcome traditional limitations in OCR systems. Thi...

    Authors: Michael Lowe, Joseph D. Prusa, Joffrey L. Leevy and Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:86
  8. In machine learning (ML) problems, it is widely believed that more training samples lead to improved predictive accuracy but incur higher computational costs. Consequently, achieving better data efficiency, that ...

    Authors: Wu Sun, Hui Li, Qingqing Liang, Xiaofeng Zou, Mei Chen and Yanhao Wang
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:83
  9. Assessing the hypoxic status within the tumor microenvironment (TME) is crucial for its significant clinical relevance in evaluating drug resistance and tailoring individualized strategies. In this study, we p...

    Authors: Run Shi, Jing Sun, Hanyu Zhou, Tong Hu, Zhaojia Gao, Xin Wang, Minglun Li, Zhaokai Zhou and Yongqian Shu
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:81
  10. Breast cancer is a major public health concern, and early detection and classification are essential for improving patient outcomes. However, breast tumors can be difficult to distinguish from benign tumors, l...

    Authors: Wasyihun Sema Admass, Yirga Yayeh Munaye and Ayodeji Olalekan Salau
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:78
  11. In this paper, a framework based on a sparse Mixture of Experts (MoE) architecture is proposed for the federated learning and application of a distributed classification model in domains (like cybersecurity an...

    Authors: Francesco Folino, Gianluigi Folino, Francesco Sergio Pisani, Luigi Pontieri and Pietro Sabatino
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:77
  12. In this paper, we analyze the worldwide perception of the Russia-Ukraine conflict (RU conflict for short) on the Twitter platform. The study involved collecting over 17 million tweets written in 63 different l...

    Authors: Bernardo Breve, Loredana Caruccio, Stefano Cirillo, Vincenzo Deufemia and Giuseppe Polese
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:76
  13. Emission data collection has always been a significant burden and challenge for Chinese counties to develop a CO2 emission inventory. This paper proposed a fuel consumption-based method to develop a local-specifi...

    Authors: Linheng Li, Can Wang, Jing Gan and Dapeng Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:74
  14. Big Data is still gaining attention as a fundamental building block of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning world. Therefore, a lot of effort has been pushed into Big Data research in the last 15 y...

    Authors: Davide Tosi, Redon Kokaj and Marco Roccetti
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:73
  15. Air pollution poses a significant threat to the health of the environment and human well-being. The air quality index (AQI) is an important measure of air pollution that describes the degree of air pollution a...

    Authors: Anh Tuan Nguyen, Duy Hoang Pham, Bee Lan Oo, Yonghan Ahn and Benson T. H. Lim
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:71
  16. Topic modeling methods proved to be effective for inferring latent topics from short texts. Dealing with short texts is challenging yet helpful for many real-world applications, due to the sparse terms in the ...

    Authors: Mutasem K. Alsmadi, Malek Alzaqebah, Sana Jawarneh, Ibrahim ALmarashdeh, Mohammed Azmi Al-Betar, Maram Alwohaibi, Noha A. Al-Mulla, Eman AE Ahmed and Ahmad AL Smadi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:68
  17. To use artificial intelligence to establish an automatic diagnosis system for corneal endothelium diseases (CEDs).

    Authors: Jing-hao Qu, Xiao-ran Qin, Zi-jun Xie, Jia-he Qian, Yang Zhang, Xiao-nan Sun, Yu-zhao Sun, Rong-mei Peng, Ge-ge Xiao, Jing Lin, Xiao-yan Bian, Tie-hong Chen, Yan Cheng, Shao-feng Gu, Hai-kun Wang and Jing Hong
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:67
  18. The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals stress the importance of global and local efforts to address inequalities and implement sustainability. Addressing complex, interconnected sustainability ch...

    Authors: Shailesh Tripathi, Nadine Bachmann, Manuel Brunner, Ziad Rizk and Herbert Jodlbauer
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:65
  19. Spoken digits recognition (SDR) is a type of supervised automatic speech recognition, which is required in various human–machine interaction applications. It is utilized in phone-based services like dialing sy...

    Authors: Tewodros Alemu Ayall, Changjun Zhou, Huawen Liu, Getnet Mezgebu Brhanemeskel, Solomon Teferra Abate and Michael Adjeisah
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:64
  20. We present a large-scale computational 3D topographic microscope that enables 6-gigapixel profilometric 3D imaging at micron-scale resolution across >110 cm2 areas over multi-millimeter axial ranges. Our computat...

    Authors: Kevin C. Zhou, Mark Harfouche, Maxwell Zheng, Joakim Jönsson, Kyung Chul Lee, Kanghyun Kim, Ron Appel, Paul Reamey, Thomas Doman, Veton Saliu, Gregor Horstmeyer, Seung Ah Lee and Roarke Horstmeyer
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:62
  21. Increasingly, automatic face recognition algorithms have become necessary with the development and extensive use of face recognition technology, particularly in the era of machine learning and artificial intel...

    Authors: Joseph Agyapong Mensah, Ezekiel N. N. Nortey, Eric Ocran, Samuel Iddi and Louis Asiedu
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:60
  22. Using recent information and communication technologies for monitoring and management initiates a revolution in the smart grid. These technologies generate massive data that can only be processed using big dat...

    Authors: Hussien Ali El-Sayed Ali, M. H. Alham and Doaa Khalil Ibrahim
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:59
  23. Cryptocurrency has become a popular trading asset due to its security, anonymity, and decentralization. However, predicting the direction of the financial market can be challenging, leading to difficult financ...

    Authors: Bilal Hassan Ahmed Khattak, Imran Shafi, Chaudhary Hamza Rashid, Mejdl Safran, Sultan Alfarhood and Imran Ashraf
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:58
  24. Even though deep learning is fascinated in fields of coronary vessel segmentation in X-ray angiography and achieves prominent progresses, most of those models probably bring high false and missed detections du...

    Authors: He Deng, Xu Liu, Tong Fang, Yuqing Li and Xiangde Min
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:57
  25. Federated learning is an emerging machine learning approach that allows the construction of a model between several participants who hold their own private data. This method is secure and privacy-preserving, s...

    Authors: Jose L. Salmeron and Irina Arévalo
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:56
  26. This investigation delves into Green AI and Sustainable AI literature through a dual-analytical approach, combining thematic analysis with BERTopic modeling to reveal both broad thematic clusters and nuanced e...

    Authors: Raghu Raman, Debidutta Pattnaik, Hiran H. Lathabai, Chandan Kumar, Kannan Govindan and Prema Nedungadi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:55
  27. Predicting patient mortality risk facilitates early intervention in intensive care unit (ICU) patients at greater risk of disease progression. This study applies machine learning methods to multidimensional cl...

    Authors: Pan Pan, Yue Wang, Chang Liu, Yanhui Tu, Haibo Cheng, Qingyun Yang, Fei Xie, Yuan Li, Lixin Xie and Yuhong Liu
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:53
  28. Models for structuring big-data and data-analytics projects typically start with a definition of the project’s goals and the business value they are expected to create. The literature identifies proper project...

    Authors: Jeroen de Mast and Joran Lokkerbol
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:50
  29. Threats on computer networks have been increasing rapidly, and irresponsible parties are always trying to exploit vulnerabilities in the network to do various dangerous things. One way to exploit vulnerabiliti...

    Authors: Muhammad Aidiel Rachman Putra, Tohari Ahmad and Dandy Pramana Hostiadi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:49
  30. Efficiently treating cardiac patients before the onset of a heart attack relies on the precise prediction of heart disease. Identifying and detecting the risk factors for heart disease such as diabetes mellitu...

    Authors: Essam H. Houssein, Rehab E. Mohamed, Gang Hu and Abdelmgeid A. Ali
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:47
  31. RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) has been considered a revolutionary technique in gene profiling and quantification. It offers a comprehensive view of the transcriptome, making it a more expansive technique in compari...

    Authors: Amr A. Abd El-Mageed, Ahmed E. Elkhouli, Amr A. Abohany and Mona Gafar
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:46

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