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  1. Models for structuring big-data and data-analytics projects typically start with a definition of the project’s goals and the business value they are expected to create. The literature identifies proper project...

    Authors: Jeroen de Mast and Joran Lokkerbol
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:50
  2. Threats on computer networks have been increasing rapidly, and irresponsible parties are always trying to exploit vulnerabilities in the network to do various dangerous things. One way to exploit vulnerabiliti...

    Authors: Muhammad Aidiel Rachman Putra, Tohari Ahmad and Dandy Pramana Hostiadi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:49
  3. Efficiently treating cardiac patients before the onset of a heart attack relies on the precise prediction of heart disease. Identifying and detecting the risk factors for heart disease such as diabetes mellitu...

    Authors: Essam H. Houssein, Rehab E. Mohamed, Gang Hu and Abdelmgeid A. Ali
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:47
  4. RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) has been considered a revolutionary technique in gene profiling and quantification. It offers a comprehensive view of the transcriptome, making it a more expansive technique in compari...

    Authors: Amr A. Abd El-Mageed, Ahmed E. Elkhouli, Amr A. Abohany and Mona Gafar
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:46
  5. Bloom filters, since their introduction over 50 years ago, have become a pillar to handle membership queries in small space, with relevant application in Big Data Mining and Stream Processing. Further improvem...

    Authors: Dario Malchiodi, Davide Raimondi, Giacomo Fumagalli, Raffaele Giancarlo and Marco Frasca
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:45
  6. In the context of high-dimensional credit card fraud data, researchers and practitioners commonly utilize feature selection techniques to enhance the performance of fraud detection models. This study presents ...

    Authors: Huanjing Wang, Qianxin Liang, John T. Hancock and Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:44
  7. Streaming adaptations of manifold learning based dimensionality reduction methods, such as Isomap, are based on the assumption that a small initial batch of observations is enough for exact learning of the manifo...

    Authors: Suchismit Mahapatra and Varun Chandola
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:42
  8. Online platforms and social networking have increased in the contemporary years. They are now a major news source worldwide, leading to the online proliferation of Fake News (FNs). These FNs are alarming becau...

    Authors: Amr A. Abd El-Mageed, Amr A. Abohany, Asmaa H. Ali and Khalid M. Hosny
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:41
  9. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a leading public health problem worldwide. Approximately one fourth of patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver (NAFL) progress to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH),...

    Authors: Jing Sun, Run Shi, Yang Wu, Yan Lou, Lijuan Nie, Chun Zhang, Yutian Cao, Qianhua Yan, Lifang Ye, Shu Zhang, Xuanbin Wang, Qibiao Wu, Xuehua Jiao, Jiangyi Yu, Zhuyuan Fang and Xiqiao Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:40
  10. Acquiring labeled datasets often incurs substantial costs primarily due to the requirement of expert human intervention to produce accurate and reliable class labels. In the modern data landscape, an overwhelm...

    Authors: Robert K. L. Kennedy, Flavio Villanustre, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar and Zahra Salekshahrezaee
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:38
  11. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are widely used but also vulnerable to cyberattacks that can cause security issues. To protect against this, machine learning approaches have been developed for network intrusi...

    Authors: Jing Li, Mohd Shahizan Othman, Hewan Chen and Lizawati Mi Yusuf
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:36
  12. Social media can be a major accelerator of the spread of misinformation, thereby potentially compromising both individual well-being and social cohesion. Despite significant recent advances, the study of onlin...

    Authors: Julian Kauk, Helene Kreysa, André Scherag and Stefan R. Schweinberger
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:35
  13. Cybersecurity has emerged as a critical global concern. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) play a critical role in protecting interconnected networks by detecting malicious actors and activities. Machine Learni...

    Authors: Md. Alamin Talukder, Md. Manowarul Islam, Md Ashraf Uddin, Khondokar Fida Hasan, Selina Sharmin, Salem A. Alyami and Mohammad Ali Moni
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:33
  14. The flourishing realm of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) as well as autonomous vehicles (AVs) presents exceptional opportunities to enhance safe driving. An essential aspect of this transformation in...

    Authors: Fangming Qu, Nolan Dang, Borko Furht and Mehrdad Nojoumian
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:32
  15. Google trends (GT), a service aggregating search queries on Google, has been used to predict various outcomes such as as the spread of influenza, automobile sales, unemployment claims, and travel destination p...

    Authors: Jan Behnert, Dean Lajic and Paul C. Bauer
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:30
  16. The recruitment of thermogenic adipocytes in human fat depots markedly improves metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). However, identification and quantification of thermogenic cells in h...

    Authors: Yuxin Wang, Shiman Zuo, Nanfei Yang, Ani Jian, Wei Zheng, Zichun Hua and Pingping Shen
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:29
  17. Pre-trained BERT models have demonstrated exceptional performance in the context of text classification tasks. Certain problem domains necessitate data distribution without data sharing. Federated Learning (FL...

    Authors: Omar Galal, Ahmed H. Abdel-Gawad and Mona Farouk
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:28
  18. Patents are indicators of technological developments. The science & technology categories, to which they are assigned to, form a directed, weighted network where the links are the references between patents be...

    Authors: József Baranyi, Szilveszter Csorba, Zsuzsa Farkas, Tünde Pacza and Ákos Józwiak
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:27
  19. Recent evidence suggests that allergic asthma (AA) decreases the risk of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). However, the reasons remain unclear. Here, we systematically explored data from GWAS (18 cohorts wi...

    Authors: Hua Liu, Siting Huang, Liting Yang, Hongshu Zhou, Bo Chen, Lisha Wu and Liyang Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:26
  20. Credit risk prediction is a crucial task for financial institutions. The technological advancements in machine learning, coupled with the availability of data and computing power, has given rise to more credit...

    Authors: Ileberi Emmanuel, Yanxia Sun and Zenghui Wang
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:23
  21. The extensive use of HPC infrastructures and frameworks for running data-intensive applications has led to a growing interest in data partitioning techniques and strategies. In fact, application performance ca...

    Authors: Riccardo Cantini, Fabrizio Marozzo, Alessio Orsino, Domenico Talia, Paolo Trunfio, Rosa M. Badia, Jorge Ejarque and Fernando Vázquez-Novoa
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:19
  22. Deep learning has seen significant growth recently and is now applied to a wide range of conventional use cases, including graphs. Graph data provides relational information between elements and is a standard ...

    Authors: Bharti Khemani, Shruti Patil, Ketan Kotecha and Sudeep Tanwar
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:18
  23. Many video platforms rely on the descriptions that uploaders provide for video retrieval. However, this reliance may cause inaccuracies. Although deep learning-based video captioning can resolve this problem, ...

    Authors: Norah Alrebdi and Amal A. Al-Shargabi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:17
  24. This paper proposes an intelligent hybrid model that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the security of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) by identifying and preventing cyberattacks...

    Authors: Mohamed H. Behiry and Mohammed Aly
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:16
  25. This paper introduces a new transformer-based model for the problem of travel time estimation. The key feature of the proposed GCT-TTE architecture is the utilization of different data modalities capturing dif...

    Authors: Vladimir Mashurov, Vaagn Chopuryan, Vadim Porvatov, Arseny Ivanov and Natalia Semenova
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:15
  26. Chest diseases, especially COVID-19, have quickly spread throughout the world and caused many deaths. Finding a rapid and accurate diagnostic tool was indispensable to combating these diseases. Therefore, scie...

    Authors: Mohamed Abdel-Basset, Reda Mohamed, Ibrahim Alrashdi, Karam M. Sallam and Ibrahim A. Hameed
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:13
  27. The earliest detection of rumors across social media is the need to the hour in present global village. User’s are seamlessly connected in an unstructured network leading to rapid flow of information. User’s o...

    Authors: Zafran Khan, Jeonghwan Gwak, Naima Iltaf, Witold Pedrycz and Moongu Jeon
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:12
  28. Blockchain and machine learning are two rapidly growing technologies that are increasingly being used in various industries. Blockchain technology provides a secure and transparent method for recording transac...

    Authors: Safak Kayikci and Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:9
  29. In the domain of Medicare insurance fraud detection, handling imbalanced Big Data and high dimensionality remains a significant challenge. This study assesses the combined efficacy of two data reduction techni...

    Authors: John T. Hancock, Huanjing Wang, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar and Qianxin Liang
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:8
  30. There is currently no consensus on the impact of class imbalance methods on the performance of clinical prediction models. We aimed to empirically investigate the impact of random oversampling and random under...

    Authors: Cynthia Yang, Egill A. Fridgeirsson, Jan A. Kors, Jenna M. Reps and Peter R. Rijnbeek
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:7
  31. 3D road user detection is an essential task for autonomous vehicles and mobile robots, and it plays a key role, for instance, in obstacle avoidance and route planning tasks. Existing solutions for detection re...

    Authors: Alvari Seppänen, Eerik Alamikkotervo, Risto Ojala, Giacomo Dario and Kari Tammi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2024 11:2

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