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  1. Label noise is an important data quality issue that negatively impacts machine learning algorithms. For example, label noise has been shown to increase the number of instances required to train effective predi...

    Authors: Zahra Salekshahrezaee, Joffrey L. Leevy and Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:57
  2. The value of graph-based big data can be unlocked by exploring the topology and metrics of the networks they represent, and the computational approaches to this exploration take on many forms. For the use-case...

    Authors: Miguel E. Coimbra, Alexandre P. Francisco and Luís Veiga
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:55
  3. Nowadays this concept has been widely assessed due to its complexity and sensitivity for the beneficiaries, including passengers, airlines, regulatory agencies, and other organizations. To date, various method...

    Authors: Mahdi Yousefzadeh Aghdam, Seyed Reza Kamel Tabbakh, Seyed Javad Mahdavi Chabok and Maryam Kheyrabadi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:54
  4. In the last few years, the deep learning (DL) computing paradigm has been deemed the Gold Standard in the machine learning (ML) community. Moreover, it has gradually become the most widely used computational a...

    Authors: Laith Alzubaidi, Jinglan Zhang, Amjad J. Humaidi, Ayad Al-Dujaili, Ye Duan, Omran Al-Shamma, J. Santamaría, Mohammed A. Fadhel, Muthana Al-Amidie and Laith Farhan
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:53
  5. Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries fundamentally arising from mobility as a form of capital. In destination islands that have a delicate ecosystem to maintain, this source of income can become pr...

    Authors: Catia Prandi, Valentina Nisi, Miguel Ribeiro and Nuno Nunes
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:51
  6. Recently unique spans of genetic data are produced by researchers, there is a trend in genetic exploration using machine learning integrated analysis and virtual combination of adaptive data into the solution ...

    Authors: Micheal Olaolu Arowolo, Marion Olubunmi Adebiyi, Charity Aremu and Ayodele A. Adebiyi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:50
  7. The popularity of big data analytics (BDA) has boosted the interest of organisations into exploiting their large scale data. This technology can become a strategic stimulation for organisations to achieve comp...

    Authors: Muslihah Wook, Nor Asiakin Hasbullah, Norulzahrah Mohd Zainudin, Zam Zarina Abdul Jabar, Suzaimah Ramli, Noor Afiza Mat Razali and Nurhafizah Moziyana Mohd Yusop
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:49
  8. The main obstacle for local and daily or weekly time-series mapping using very high-resolution satellite imagery is the high price and availability of data. These constraints are currently obtaining solutions ...

    Authors: Widodo Budiharto, Edy Irwansyah, Jarot S. Suroso, Andry Chowanda, Heri Ngarianto and Alexander Agung Santoso Gunawan
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:48
  9. Database queries are one of the most important functions of a relational database. Users are interested in viewing a variety of data representations, and this may vary based on database purpose and the nature ...

    Authors: Sean A. Mochocki, Gary B. Lamont, Robert C. Leishman and Kyle J. Kauffman
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:46
  10. Finding the most suitable co-author is one of the most important ways to conduct effective research in scientific fields. Data science has contributed to achieving this possibility significantly. The present s...

    Authors: Fezzeh Ebrahimi, Asefeh Asemi, Amin Nezarat and Andrea Ko
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:44
  11. At present, voice biometrics are commonly used for identification and authentication of users through their voice. Voice based services such as mobile banking, access to personal devices, and logging into soci...

    Authors: Muhammad Ismail, Shahzad Memon, Lachhman Das Dhomeja, Shahid Munir Shah, Dostdar Hussain, Sabit Rahim and Imran Ali
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:43
  12. The widespread influence of social media impacts every aspect of life, including the healthcare sector. Although medics and health professionals are the final decision makers, the advice and recommendations ob...

    Authors: B. Athira, Josette Jones, Sumam Mary Idicula, Anand Kulanthaivel and Enming Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:41
  13. A significant advancement that occurs during the data cleaning stage is estimating missing data. Studies have shown that improper data handling leads to inaccurate analysis. Furthermore, most studies indicate ...

    Authors: Heru Nugroho, Nugraha Priya Utama and Kridanto Surendro
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:37
  14. Value-Added Services at a Mobile Telecommunication company provide customers with a variety of services. Value-added services generate significant revenue annually for telecommunication companies. Providing so...

    Authors: Mohammadsadegh Vahidi Farashah, Akbar Etebarian, Reza Azmi and Reza Ebrahimzadeh Dastjerdi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:36
  15. Maternal mortality is one of the socio-economic problems and widely considered a serious indicator of the quality of a health. Ethiopia is considered to be one of the top six sub-Saharan countries with severe ...

    Authors: Shibiru Jabessa and Dabala Jabessa
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:34
  16. This project is funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) through their NSF RAPID program under the title “Modeling Corona Spread Using Big Data Analytics.” The project is a joint effort between the D...

    Authors: Flavio Villanustre, Arjuna Chala, Roger Dev, Lili Xu, Jesse Shaw LexisNexis, Borko Furht and Taghi Khoshgoftaar
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:33
  17. Over the past decade, recommendation systems have been one of the most sought after by various researchers. Basket analysis of online systems’ customers and recommending attractive products (movies) to them is...

    Authors: Mohammadsadegh Vahidi Farashah, Akbar Etebarian, Reza Azmi and Reza Ebrahimzadeh Dastjerdi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:32
  18. Optimizing quality trade-offs in an end-to-end big data science process is challenging, as not only do we need to deal with different types of software components, but also the domain knowledge has to be incor...

    Authors: Minjung Ryu, Hong-Linh Truong and Matti Kannala
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:31
  19. RNA-Seq data are utilized for biological applications and decision making for the classification of genes. A lot of works in recent time are focused on reducing the dimension of RNA-Seq data. Dimensionality re...

    Authors: Micheal Olaolu Arowolo, Marion Olubunmi Adebiyi, Ayodele Ariyo Adebiyi and Oludayo Olugbara
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:29
  20. Multi-dimensional arrays (also known as raster data or gridded data) play a key role in many, if not all science and engineering domains where they typically represent spatio-temporal sensor, image, simulation...

    Authors: Peter Baumann, Dimitar Misev, Vlad Merticariu and Bang Pham Huu
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:28
  21. Any computer vision application development starts off by acquiring images and data, then preprocessing and pattern recognition steps to perform a task. When the acquired images are highly imbalanced and not a...

    Authors: Vignesh Sampath, Iñaki Maurtua, Juan José Aguilar Martín and Aitor Gutierrez
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:27
  22. Stemming has long been used in data pre-processing to retrieve information by tracking affixed words back into their root. In an Indonesian setting, existing stemming methods have been observed, and the existi...

    Authors: Rianto, Achmad Benny Mutiara, Eri Prasetyo Wibowo and Paulus Insap Santosa
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:26
  23. The leading approaches in Machine Learning are notoriously data-hungry. Unfortunately, many application domains do not have access to big data because acquiring data involves a process that is expensive or tim...

    Authors: Amina Adadi
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:24
  24. Weighted finite-state transducers have been shown to be a general and efficient representation in many applications such as text and speech processing, computational biology, and machine learning. The composit...

    Authors: Bilal Elghadyry, Faissal Ouardi and Sébastien Verel
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:22
  25. The MapReduce programming paradigm is frequently used in order to process and analyse a huge amount of data. This paradigm relies on the ability to apply the same operation in parallel on independent chunks of...

    Authors: Sara Migliorini, Alberto Belussi, Elisa Quintarelli and Damiano Carra
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:21
  26. The stability of the economy and political system of any country highly depends on the policy of anti-money laundering (AML). If government policies are incapable of handling money laundering activities in an ...

    Authors: Abdul Khalique Shaikh, Malik Al-Shamli and Amril Nazir
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:20
  27. The Dimensionality Curse is one of the most critical issues that are hindering faster evolution in several fields broadly, and in bioinformatics distinctively. To counter this curse, a conglomerate solution is...

    Authors: Khawla Tadist, Fatiha Mrabti, Nikola S. Nikolov, Azeddine Zahi and Said Najah
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:19
  28. This survey explores how Deep Learning has battled the COVID-19 pandemic and provides directions for future research on COVID-19. We cover Deep Learning applications in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vi...

    Authors: Connor Shorten, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar and Borko Furht
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:18
  29. The stock market is very unstable and volatile due to several factors such as public sentiments, economic factors and more. Several Petabytes volumes of data are generated every second from different sources, ...

    Authors: Isaac Kofi Nti, Adebayo Felix Adekoya and Benjamin Asubam Weyori
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:17
  30. The demand for computational resources is steadily increasing in experimental high energy physics as the current collider experiments continue to accumulate huge amounts of data and physicists indulge in more ...

    Authors: Nairit Sur, Leonardo Cristella, Adriano Di Florio and Vincenzo Mastrapasqua
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:16
  31. Recent developments of portable sensor devices, cloud computing, and machine learning algorithms have led to the emergence of big data analytics in healthcare. The condition of the human body, e.g. the ECG sig...

    Authors: Nico Surantha, Tri Fennia Lesmana and Sani Muhamad Isa
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:14
  32. With recent developments in ICT, the interest in using large amounts of accumulated data for traffic policy planning has increased significantly. In recent years, data polishing has been proposed as a new meth...

    Authors: Mio Hosoe, Masashi Kuwano and Taku Moriyama
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:13
  33. In the medical field, distinguishing genes that are relevant to a specific disease, let’s say colon cancer, is crucial to finding a cure and understanding its causes and subsequent complications. Usually, medi...

    Authors: Salem Alelyani
    Citation: Journal of Big Data 2021 8:11

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