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Table 3 Test for the comparison of the models using LRT and Voung test

From: Bayesian count regression analysis for determinants of antenatal care service visits among pregnant women in Amhara regional state, Ethiopia

M1 M2 V-statistic (p-value) Model Best model
ZIP P 7.385 (7.65e−14) M1 > M2 ZIP
ZIP NB 4.117 (1.92e−05) M1 > M2 ZIP
ZINB P 7.276 (1.71e−13) M1 > M2 ZINB
ZINB NB 4.43 (4.69e−06) M1 > M2 ZINB
P vs. NB
H0: k = 0 vs. H1: k > 0
ZIP VS. ZINB H0: k = 0 vs. H1: k > 0
LRT: 203.4174 LRT: 0.3168
Best modeling: NB
p = 0.000
Best model: ZIP
p = 0.574