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Table 1 Classification of parameter adaptive mechanisms

From: An efficient annealing-assisted differential evolution for multi-parameter adaptive latent factor analysis

Classifications Adaptive mechanisms Defects HDI data analysis Multi-parameters
Analytical approach Simulated annealing approach[31] Internal assumptions  ×   × 
Parameter estimation adjustment[32] Manual tunning  ×   × 
Dynamic optimization NE[33] Need Priori Knowledge  ×   × 
Gradient-based estimation[34] Sensitive to initialization  ×   × 
Evolutionary computation PSO[36] Premature convergence  × 
BSO[37] time consuming
  1. ADMA employs evolutionary computation DE as the multi-parameter adaptive mechanism and improve its optimization progress by an annealing technique. Therefore, ADMA inherits the flexibility and adaptively of swarm intelligence, while enjoying the exploration and exploitation merits of the improved DE, which thereby can solve the big data analysis problems well especially conducting an LFA on an HDI matrix