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Table 2 Parking types and corresponding statistics

From: Social media analysis of car parking behavior using similarity based clustering

Parking type Nb T PT (%) Neg T (%) Neut T (%) keyBERT element
Positive KeyBERT elements Negative KeyBERT elements
On-street 40 50 20 30 Onstreet parking guidance
Onstreet parking free
Onstreet parking great
Onstreet parking bylaws
Parking require continued
Pay park onstreet
New onstreet charges
Onstreet charges rise
Park onstreet auspicious
Park onstreet auspicious
Off-street 11 91 9 0 Free parking saturday
Free parkingparking activities
Parking saturday
Commuter parking activities
Spaces city required
Offstreet spaces city
Spaces city required
Publicly mandated offstreet spaces
Underground 34 47 14 38 Beautiful apt rera permit
Entrance underground facility
Accommodation parking garage
Underground selfparking offer
Fees city edmonton
Parking fees
Edmonton curbside epark
Parking facilities
Airport 377 63.3 11.67 25 Parking best airport
Airport parking options
Need airport parking
Airport parking safe
Make airport parking
Refund airport parking
Airport parking services
Airport parking limited
Priced airport parking
Parking scam
  1. Nb T Number of Tweets, PT positive tweets, Neg T negative tweets, Neut T neutral tweets