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Table 3 Surveyed works on deep learning and OCC

From: A literature review on one-class classification and its potential applications in big data

# Paper Method(s) Domain
1 Deep learning with Support Vector Data Description [60] Deep SVDD UCI datasets
2 High-dimensional and large-scale anomaly detection using a linear one-class SVM with deep learning [61] DBN-1SVM Anomaly detection
3 Abnormal event detection for video surveillance using deep one-class learning [62] DOC, SVM, CNN Video surveillance
4 The application of one-class classifier based on CNN in image defect detection [68] One-Class CNN, CNN Image processing
5 A clustering-based deep autoencoder for one-class image classification [69] SDAE, Deep Embedded Clustering Image processing
6 Deep one-class classification [70] Deep SVDD Image processing object recognition
7 Anomaly detection using one-class neural networks [75] Deep OCC, OCSVM, OCSVDD, IF, KDE Image processing object recognition
8 Deep one-class classification using intra-class splitting [76] OCSVM-RBF, IF, ImageNet-OCSVM, NN with/without ICS, Deep SVDD Image processing
9 Learning deep features for one-class classification [77] Deep OCC, Alexnet, VGG16, Image processing
10 Deep embeddings for novelty detection in myopathy [80] IF, EE, LOF, OCSVM, GANomaly Healthcare
11 Deep multi-sphere support vector data description [82] DMSVDD Image processing human activity
12 One-class fingerprint presentation attack detection using auto-encoder network [84] OCPAD, PAD, OCGAM Image processing attach detection
13 Maximum Correntropy criterion-based hierarchical one-class classification [85] OC-ELM, Parzen, K-means, K-centers, 1-NN, KNN, AE, PCA, MS-OCC, MPM, SCDD, LPDD, SVM, Image processing
14 DSVD‐autoencoder: A scalable distributed privacy‐preserving method for one‐class classification [86] AUTO-NN, LOF, OCSVM, APE Miscellaneous datasets
Privacy preserving
15 DAD: A distributed anomaly detection system using ensemble one-class statistical learning in edge networks [87] DAD, MCA, TANN, GAA-ADS, ODM, AD-CNN Network intrusion detection
16 G2D: generate to detect anomaly [88] G2D, GAN, DNN, LPR, R-graph, REAPER, Outlier Pursuit, SSGAN, ALOCC Image/video processing