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Table 4 Topic Categorization based on Distinct Prevalence and Centrality

From: Evaluating latent content within unstructured text: an analytical methodology based on a temporal network of associated topics

Low degree and low prevalence (N = 4)
 Given these topics are under-researched, they present opportunity to extend the body of knowledge within the field through further study
Credit, Loans, Debt & Repayment (low PageRank)
Data Security (low PageRank)
Sport Consumption & Gamification (low PageRank)
Gambling (moderate PageRank)
Low degree and high prevalence (N = 7)
 These topics function as focal content with high popularity and limited associations. Therein lies opportunity to broaden the context to which these topics are addressed, by combining them with other topics
Automotive Vehicles (low PageRank)
Commercial Innovation (low PageRank)
Green Consumption (low PageRank)
Online Shopping (low PageRank)
Social Norms & Identity (low PageRank)
Subliminal & Social Influence (low PageRank)
Supply Chain (low PageRank)
High degree and low prevalence (N = 10)
 Given their low prevalence but high exposure to other topics, these topics provide added context to more dominant topical subjects. This is particularly the case when PageRank is high
Child & Youth Services (moderate PageRank)
Coaching, Counselling & Therapy (moderate PageRank)
Food Contamination & Safety (moderate PageRank)
Health & Clinical Services (moderate PageRank)
Smoking & Alcoholism (moderate PageRank)
Cattle Farming (high PageRank)
Consumer Ethnocentrism (high PageRank)
Illicit Substance Treatment (high PageRank)
Multisensory & Atmospheric Effects (high PageRank)
Water Management (high PageRank)
High degree and high prevalence (N = 4)
 These topics are focal areas of research that can vary in context. The popularity, influence, and relevance of these topics provide opportunity to elevate topics that are less prevalent and central, by incorporating them for added context in future research
Health Education & Intervention (moderate PageRank)
Healthy Eating, Diet & Nutrition (moderate PageRank)
Organic & Genetically Modified Foods (moderate PageRank)
Market Equilibrium & Competition (high PageRank)