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Table 3 The tested queries implemented in this experimental study

From: An empirical study on the evaluation of the RDF storage systems

Q1. Return the list of authors and titles of papers that have a rdf: type value proceeding
Q2. Select all proceedings papers with property swrc: pages or swrc: month or swrc: isbn
Q3. Extract all proceedings papers with properties dc: creator, swrc: booktitle, swrc: isPartOf, rdfs: seeAlso, dc: title, swrc: homepage, dc: subject and optionally swrc: abstract, considering their values
Q4. Return all proceedings papers that they are accepted in iswc conference 2008
Q5. Select all distinct pairs of paper author names for authors that have published in the same journal
Q6. Return all full papers and short papers accepted in the rule-ML conference 2011
Q7. Extract all proceedings papers with the machine learning topic
Q8. Extract 10 resources that are somehow related to each other
Q9. Return all the proceedings papers accepted in all conferences described in swdf dataset with the semantic web or machine learning topics
Q10. Return all subjects that stand in any relation to person “Annabel Bourde”
Q11. Compute authors that have published with Annabel Bourde or with an author that has published with Annabel Bourde
Q12. Extract all the name of persons and their papers including the type and the subject