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Table 6 The TFs related to both upregulated and down regulated genes. In the upregulated genes the TFs are down and in the down regulated genes the TFs are up

From: Prediction of chemoresistance trait of cancer cell lines using machine learning algorithms and systems biology analysis

TFs-ups TARGET-downs Relation TFs-ups TARGET-downs Relation TFS-donws Targets-Ups Repression
ATF3 IFNG Activation PROX1 IFNG Repression AR CTNNB1 Activation
CREB1 IFNG Activation RELA IFNG Activation CTNNB1 PLD1 Activation
CREB1 IFNG Repression RELA IFNG Unknown ESR1 CTNNB1 Repression
CREB1 IFNG Unknown RFX5 IFNG Unknown LEF1 CTNNB1 Unknown
DACH1 TNFSF11 Repression SIRT2 NEDD4 Repression NELFCD CTNNB1 Repression
E2F1 TNFSF11 Activation SOX10 EDNRB Unknown NKX2-5 CTNNB1 Unknown
EGR1 IFNG Unknown SP1 BTK Unknown PGR PLD1 Unknown
EOMES IFNG Unknown SP1 EDNRB Activation RXRA PLD1 Unknown
EP300 IFNG Activation SP1 EDNRB Unknown SIRT1 CTNNB1 Repression
GATA1 IFNG Unknown SP3 BTK Unknown SOX6 CTNNB1 Repression
GATA3 IFNG Unknown SPI1 ACP5 Activation SP3 TFF2 Repression
HIF1A EDNRB Activation SPI1 BTK Unknown TCF4 PLD1 Activation
HSF2 TNFSF11 Activation STAT1 IFNG Activation TCF7L2 CTNNB1 Unknown
IRF1 IFNG Activation STAT1 IFNG Repression TP53 CTNNB1 Repression
JUN IFNG Activation STAT1 IFNG Unknown VDR PLD1 Unknown
JUN IFNG Unknown STAT3 IFNG Repression ZNF24 CTNNB1 Activation
MITF ACP5 Activation STAT4 IFNG Unknown    
MSC IFNG Activation STAT5A IFNG Activation    
MYCN IFNG Unknown STAT5B IFNG Unknown    
NFATC1 IFNG Unknown TBX21 IFNG Activation    
NFATC2 IFNG Unknown TBX21 IFNG Unknown    
NFIL3 IFNG Unknown TFAP4 IFNG Unknown    
NFKB1 IFNG Activation USF1 IFNG Unknown    
NFKB1 IFNG Unknown YY1 IFNG Activation    
PARP1 IFNG Unknown YY1 IFNG Repression    
    YY1 IFNG Unknown