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Table 1 John Hopkins University data replacing table

From: Big data insight on global mobility during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown

John Hopkins University data replacing table
Before After Before After
French Guiana France West Bank and Gaza Palestine
Guadeloupe France Taiwan* Taiwan
Vatican City Holy See Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong
Korea, South South Korea Diamond Princess Ships
Martinique France Congo (Brazzaville) Congo-Brazzaville
Mayotte France Congo (Kinshasa) Congo-Kinshasa
MS Zaandam Ships occupied Palestinian territory Palestine
Republic of Moldova Moldova UK United Kingdom
Republic of the Congo Congo-Brazzaville US United States
Saint Barthelemy France Viet Nam Vietnam
The Bahamas Bahamas Burma Myanmar
The Gambia Gambia Cabo Verde Cape Verde
Jersey United Kingdom Channel Islands United Kingdom
Georgia Georgia US Timor-Leste East Timor
occupied Palestinian territory Palestine Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
New York City, NY New York New york city New York
New York County, NY New York New york New York
   Grand Princess Ships