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Table 1 Places dataset description

From: A genetic-based pairwise trip planner recommender system

Column Name Descriptions Example Value
Address Address of the places Gambir, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia
Geometry Geographic coordinate {’location’: {’lat’: -6.1753, ’lng’: 106.8271}
   ’viewport’: {’northeast’: {’lat’: -6.1672, ’lng’: 106.8341}
   ’southwest’: {’lat’: -6.1845, ’lng’: 106.8196}}}
Name Places name National Monument
Place_id Google maps places ID ChIJLbFk59L1aS4RyLzp4OHWKj0
Rating User ratings (1-5) 4.6
Types Google maps place types [’tourist_attraction’, ’point_of_interest’, ’establishment’]
Url Google maps URL
PictureSource Image URL
TicketPrice Entrance fee (in IDR) 20000
  For one regular adult  
VisitDuration Most people time spent 0.5
  (in hours)  
Tags Manually labelled [’kids-friendly’, ’history’]
  Place category