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Table 1 Taxonomy of recent studies in probabilistic forecasting

From: The effect of driver variables on the estimation of bivariate probability density of peak loads in long-term horizon

Refs. Forecasting methods Context
[9,10,11] Probabilistic time series Medium-term load forecasting
[12] Regression Aesthetic quality assessments
[13] Fuzzy regression Short-term load forecasting
[14, 15] Quantile regression Probabilistic forecasting of solar power generation
[16] Probabilistic SVR (Support Vector Regression) General applications
[17] Artificial intelligent methods Very short-term load forecasting
[18] Ensemble BMA package in R Weather forecasting
[19, 20] PDF estimation using machine learning techniques Wind power ramp forecasting
[21] Group method of data handling (GMDH) Day-ahead electricity peak load interval forecasting