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Table 1 Descriptions of the independent and dependent variables

From: Predictability analysis of the Pound’s Brexit exchange rates based on Google Trends data

\(\varvec{y}_{1}\) Pound to Euro exchange rate
\(\varvec{y}_{2}\) Pound to Dollar exchange rate
\(\varvec{x}_{1}\) “Pound to Euro” (Search term), worldwide
\(\varvec{x}_{2}\) “Pound to Euro” (Search term), UK
\(\varvec{x}_{3}\) “Pound to Dollar” (Search term), worldwide
\(\varvec{x}_{4}\) “Pound to Dollar” (Search term), UK
\(\varvec{x}_{5}\) “Pound to Dollar” (Search term), USA
\(\varvec{x}_{6}\) “Pound Sterling” (Topic), UK
\(\varvec{x}_{7}\) “Pound Sterling” (Topic), USA