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Table 1 Overview of symbols used in the description of RASTER and S-RASTER

From: S-RASTER: contraction clustering for evolving data streams

Symbol Meaning
\(\xi\) Precision for projection operation
\(\tau\) Threshold number of points to determine if a tile is significant
\(\delta\) Distance metric for cluster definition
\(\mu\) Minimum cluster size in terms of the number of significant tiles
\(\pi\) Projection operator
\(\alpha\) Accumulation operator
\(\kappa\) Clustering operator
  1. The parameters \(\xi\), \(\tau\), \(\delta\), and \(\mu\) are used for both RASTER and S-RASTER and directly influence clustering results. In contrast, the symbols \(\pi\), \(\alpha\), and \(\kappa\) are only used for the description of S-RASTER