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Table 6 List of the reviewed papers

From: Feature selection methods and genomic big data: a systematic review

Publication repository Type Title Year Classification
IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CIBCB) Conference Minimal-redundancy-maximal-relevance feature selection using different relevance measures for omics data classification [18] 2013 Evaluation
IEEE International Conference on Big Data Conference Identification of SNP Interactions Using Data-Parallel Primitives on GPUs [41] 2014 Solution
Elsevier—Procedia Computer Science Conference Large Scale Read Classification for Next Generation Sequencing [39] 2014 Evaluation
IEEE International Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security (HST) Conference Big Data Biology-Based Predictive Models Via DNAMetagenomics Binning For WMD Events Applications [24] 2015 Evaluation
IEEE International Congress on Big Data Conference Two screening methods for genetic association study with application to psoriasis microarray data sets [33] 2015 Solution
Elsevier—Procedia Computer Science Conference A Novel Feature Selection Technique for Improved Survivability Diagnosis of Breast Cancer [25] 2015 Solution
Elsevier—Procedia Computer Science Conference Feature Selection and Classification of Microarray Data using MapReduce based ANOVA and K-Nearest Neighbor [44] 2015 Evaluation
Elsevier—Knowledge-Based Systems Journal Classification of microarray using MapReduce based proximal support vector machine classifier [26] 2015 Solution
Elsevier—Journal of Computational Science Journal Large-scale machine learning based on functional networks for biomedical big data with high performance computing platforms [46] 2015 Solution
Elsevier—Knowledge-Based Systems Journal ROSEFW-RF: The winner algorithm for the ECBDL’14 big data competition: An extremely imbalanced big data bioinformatics problem [32] 2015 Solution
IEEE/ACM Transactions On Computational Biology And Bioinformatics Journal MINT: Mutual Information based Transductive Feature election for Genetic Trait Prediction [20] 2015 Solution
IEEE Future Technologies Conference Conference A Feature Grouping Method for Ensemble Clustering of High-Dimensional Genomic Big Data [38] 2016 Solution
Elsevier—Expert Systems With Applications Journal An adaptive rule-based classifier for mining big biological data [45] 2016 Solution
Elsevier—Journal of Biomedical Informatics Journal Analysis of microarray leukemia data using an efficient MapReduce-based K-nearest-neighbor classifier [27] 2016 Solution
Elsevier—Neurocomputing Journal Prediction of protein N-formylation and comparison with N-acetylation based on a feature selection method [31] 2016 Evaluation
IEEE Transactions On Big Data Journal Journal Low-Rank Graph-Regularized Structured Sparse Regression for Identifying Genetic Biomarkers [40] 2017 Solution
IEEE Digital Genomics to Build a Smart Franchise in Real Time Applications Conference Digital Genomics to Build a Smart Franchise in Real Time Applications [17] 2017 Opinion
IEEE 33rd International Conference on Data Engineering Conference Integrated Theory- and Data-driven Feature Selection in Gene Expression Data Analysis [42] 2017 Solution
Elsevier—Artificial Intelligence In Medicine Journal A hybrid framework for reverse engineering of robust Gene Regulatory Networks [35] 2017 Solution
Elsevier—Computers in Biology and Medicine Journal FIFS: A data mining method for informative marker selection in high dimensional population genomic data [23] 2017 Solution
Elsevier—Information Systems Journal MR-SimLab: Scalable subgraph selection with label similarity for big data [47] 2017 Solution
Elsevier—Methods Journal Multi-omics facilitated variable selection in Cox-regression model for cancer prognosis prediction [29] 2017 Evaluation
Springer Journal A greedy feature selection algorithm for Big Data of high dimensionality [19] 2018 Solution
Springer—The Natural Computing Applications Forum Conference Optimized feature selection algorithm based on fireflies with gravitational ant colony algorithm for big data predictive analytics [43] 2018 Solution
Elsevier—Materials today Proceedings Conference Efficient Decision Tree Based Data Selection and Support Vector Machine Classification [34] 2018 Solution
Elsevier—Schizophrenia Research Journal Analysis of gut microbiota diversity and auxiliary diagnosis as a biomarker in patients with schizophrenia: A cross-sectional study [21] 2018 Evaluation
Elsevier—BBA-Molecular Basis of Disease Journal Distinguishing three subtypes of hematopoietic cells based on gene expression profiles using a support vector machine [28] 2018 Evaluation
Elsevier—BBA-Molecular Basis of Disease Journal Predicting and analyzing early wake-up associated gene expressions by integrating GWAS and eQTL studies [30] 2018 Evaluation
Elsevier—Future Generation Computer Systems Journal Feature selection for IoT based on maximal information coefficient [22] 2018 Solution
Elsevier—European Journal of Operational Research Journal High dimensional data classification and feature selection using support vector machines [36] 2018 Solution
Elsevier—BBA-Molecular Basis of Disease Journal Identification of the functional alteration signatures across different cancer types with support vector machine and feature analysis [37] 2018 Evaluation