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Table 2 Real world datasets

From: VADA: an architecture for end user informed data preparation

Sources Size
Property sources a. Data extracted using OXPATH [42]. 40 real estate sources, 6 to 16 attributes each, an average of 11 attributes per source, 7.8k tuples in total. Used as source data
b. Wadar [43]. 10 sources, 18 varying attributes each, 3.2k tuples. Used as source data
c. Price Paid Data ( Property sales in England and Wales for 2017. 16 attributes, 130 properties sold in Oxford and Manchester, sampled from 461.2k tuples. Used as example data
English indices of deprivation 6 attributes, 62.3k tuples with indices for Manchester and Oxford, from Used as source data
Open addresses UK data 11 attributes, 41.7k tuples for Manchester and Oxford (postcode sectors M and O), from Used as reference data