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Table 3 Comparison between the result of our method and the travel survey data

From: Detecting and understanding urban changes through decomposing the numbers of visitors’ arrivals using human mobility data

Purpose Day of the week Correlation coefficient p-value
Commuting to work/school Weekday 0.8775401 \(5.32\times \, 10^{-163}\)
Commuting to work/school Holiday 0.7744606 \(6.54\times \, 10^{-96}\)
Private purposes Weekday 0.8571198 \(6.93\times \,10^{-148}\)
Private purposes Holiday 0.9272756 \(1.78\times \,10^{-218}\)
Returning home Weekday 0.8124998 \(3.83\times \, 10^{-121}\)
Returning home Holiday 0.8560062 \(5.86\times \, 10^{-148}\)