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Table 1 Key-value stores

From: Modeling temporal aspects of sensor data for MongoDB NoSQL database

Name Data model Scalability Description Who uses it
Memcached from [55] Set of key-value in associative array Auto sharding, no replication and persistency In-memory cache systems, no disk persistence (MemcacheDB give persistent storage [56]); file system storage, ACID LiveJournal, Wikipedia, Flickr, Bebo, Craigslist
Aerospike from [49] Associate keys with records (i.e rows); namespaces (for dataset) divide into sets (i.e tables); key index records Auto partition, synch. replication In-memory very fast database with disk persistence. ACID with relax options AppNexus, Kayak, blueKai, Yashi, Chango
Cassandra from facebook [57] Hybrid of key-value and column-oriented models; Cassandra query language: SQL like model Auto partition, synch. and asynch. replication In-memory database with disk persistence; highly scalable CERN, Comcast, eBay, Netflix, GitHub
Redis from S. Sanfilippo [48] Het of (key, value); complex types (string, binary, list, set, sorted set, hashes, arrays); key can be any binary e.g. JPEG Auto partitioning, replication, persistent levels Most popular in-memory with disk persistence; ACID; MapReduce through Jedis [58], \({r}^{3}\) [59] Twitter, GitHub, Flickr, StackOverflow
Riak [60] from Basho Technologies Data types (flags, counter, sets, registers, maps, hyperlog) Sharding, replication, master-less [61], backup and recovery High available; Dynamo base [62]; in-memory with disk persistence; relax consistency; MapReduce, REST-full; enterprise and cloud versions; Riak KV base Riak TimeSeries [63] AT and T, Comcast GitHub, UKHealth, weather channel
Voldemort from LinkedIn [50] Complex key-value compound objects (e.g. lists/maps); supported queries: get, put and delete; no complex query filters; simple api for persistence [64]; schema-evolution Auto data partitioning and replication, versioning In-memory with disk persistence, big fault-tolerant hash table; no ACID, pluggable serialization (e.g. avro, java) and storage engine (concurrentHashMap, mysql, BDB JE) LinkedIn, Gilt
DynamoDB from Amazon [65] Dynamo [62] based to support both document and key-value models [65]; secondary indexes; DynamoDB Titan: integratable graph database Replication, partitioning, highly available, versioning Popular, two of the four ACID properties: consistency and durability; elastic MapReduce for Hadoop; AWS SDK to store JSON Amazon, BMW, duolingo, lyft, redfin, adroll