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Table 5 Discovered features

From: Multi-method approach to wellness predictive modeling

NHANES file NHANES code Description
DBQ_G DBQ700 How healthy is your diet?
DEMO_G INDFMPIR Family income poverty level
DIQ_G DIQ010 Have been diagnosed with diabetes by a doctor
DPQ_G DPQ040 Feeling tired or having little energy
DPQ010 Have little interest in doing things
DPQ020 Feeling depressed and hopeless
DPQ050 Poor appetite or overeating
DPQ060 Feeling bad about yourself
HSQ_G HSQ493 Pain make it hard for usual activities
MCQ_G MCQ365C Doctor has told you to reduce salt in diet
OHQ_G OHQ845 Rate the health of your teeth and gums
PFQ_G PFQ049 Unable to work due to physical or mental health
PFQ051 Limited in amount of work you can do
PFQ054 Need special equipment to walk
PFQ057 Experience confusion or memory problems
PFQ090 Require special healthcare equipment