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Table 2 K-analytics in context of self-service/customer support & services implementation

From: Actionable Knowledge As A Service (AKAAS): Leveraging big data analytics in cloud computing environments

  Capturing/creating Knowledge &related
Analytics dimensions
Broadcasting/retrieving knowledge & related
Analytics dimensions
Reusing/refining knowledge & related
Analytics dimensions
Provider 1 Solution Activity by Month by Author Adoption – includes number of search and views (searches vs. views within last 14 days) Effectiveness – did the knowledge solve the issues?
Average Session Length Utilization –percentage of solutions accessed and useful/new knowledge utilization for solutions created within the last three months
Aging – freshness of the knowledge and reviews needed/Published solution edited in last 14 days
KCS – amount of solutions were flagged and fixed
Provider 2 Size and usage
Visit duration
Search logs:
QA traffic chart
- number of online questions/number of online answers - keywords & trends, answered (popular searches, what customers are really interested in) and list of unanswered questions (top unanswered questions) Number of liked answers (which questions are most satisfactory for customers)/ statistics of numbers of liked' and 'disliked' per each Q&A
Search results shown to the users Most Escalated questions
- items in publishing center/amount of new and unhandled requests Contextual search filter: - graphic visualization of a question’s progress over time
Filter user queries by contextual answers (category, location, etc.…)
Usage: number of answered requests/number of answers added/number of answers deleted
Provider 3   Query Count (number of reported queries)  
Query Pipeline
Name of a search interface from which the search events are performed.
Average Click Rank Over Time
Advanced Query + Expression/Keyword
Group To which a user performing the search event belongs
Audience page
Click count and Manual Query count data in relation with users performing the search events.
Search Result title and ID
Content gaps: frequent searches with no results or no clicks
Has Clicks: last search event, at least one click in the search results list/Has Results: last search event, query that returned at least one result.
Queries and Keywords pages:
most frequent queries and keywords with the poorest Relevance index based on Click count and Average click rank
Documents page documents with the poorest rank based on the Relevance index
Search Cause: automatic and manual refinements
Provider 4 Knowledge Article Version (KAV): information about individual translations, such as their creation dates, published channels, and number of associated cases. Knowledge Article Searches: number of searches per day, month, or year for each channel and role Knowledge Article Votes: number of votes per day, month, or year for each channel and role.
Case association count: Number of cases attached to the article Cumulative Count: total number of article searches Knowledge Article Views: number of views per day, month, or year for each channel and role
Knowledge Keyword Search: keywords users are looking for Score: Article's average view rating.
Archived By: User who archived the article. Knowledge Search Activity: number of searches per day, month, or year for each channel and language.  
▪ For each search: Date, ID and title of the article that was clicked
▪ keywords users are looking, average number of:
Results: The number of search results that were returned for the search term.
Articles that appear in the search results
▪ For each article, average number of: Click, Unique users who clicked it
Average Click Rank:
order in which the article appeared in search results when users clicked it
Channel: channel that’s applicable to the article.
Provider 5   Total queries overtime Clicks per visitor average
Number of Queries with clicks Unique visitors
Number of Queries without clicks Visits/sessions
Number of Queries with no results
Top queries
Top keywords
Search relevance:
Click ranks over time
Queries without clicks over time
Details of queries with low relevance
Details of keywords with low relevance
Content gaps:
Click through ratio
Details of queries without results
Details of keywords without results