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Table 1 Miles program dataset

From: Airline new customer tier level forecasting for real-time resource allocation of a miles program

Dataset Fields Rows Cols
Passengers Id, Date_of_birth, Nationality, City, State, Country, Interest_1, Interest_2, Interest_3, Interest_4, Interest_5, Tier 1.8 M 12
Flights Id, Company, Activity_date, Origin, Destination, Class_code, Flt_number, Definition, Miles, Points, 12 M 10
Activity (not used) Id, Definition, Issue_date, Miles, Redeposited_points, Flight_date, Class_code, Origin, Destination, Flight_number, ret_flight_date, Ret _flight_number, Ret_class_code, Ret_origin, Ret_destination, Product_code, Cash_before_premium 1.6 M 17