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Table 2 Data characteristics of relevant features

From: Big data analytics on social networks for real-time depression detection

Attribute ID Attribute name Data type Description
\(x_{1}\) Gender Nominal 0: female, 1: male, 2: others
\(x_{2}\) Age Nominal 1: < 20, 2: 20–29, 3: 30–39, 4: 40–49, 5: 50–59, 6: ≥ 60
\(x_{3}\) Weight Nominal 1: < 40, 2: 40–59, 3: 60–79, 4: 80–99, 5: ≥ 100
\(x_{4}\) Education Nominal 1: high school diploma or less, 2: bachelor’s degree, 3: graduate degree
\(x_{5}\) CongenitalDisease Nominal 1: no, 2: yes
\(x_{6}\) Career Nominal 1: government official, 2: state enterprise employee, 3: businessman, 4: student, 5: homemaker, 6: not currently employed
\(x_{7}\) Income Nominal 1: sufficient, 2: insufficient
\(x_{8}\) FamilyMember Numeric Number of family members
\(x_{9}\) Self-CoupleStatus Nominal 1: no couple, 2: stay together with couple, 3: separated with couple
\(x_{10}\) ParentMaritalStatus Nominal 1: stay together with couple, 2: separated with couple, 3: couple died
\(x_{11}\) PositiveTweets Numeric Number of positive tweets
\(x_{12}\) NegativeTweets Numeric Number of negative tweets
\(x_{13}\) DepressionTweets Numeric Number of tweets expressing depression
\(x_{14}\) PositiveRetweets Numeric Number of positive retweets
\(x_{15}\) NegativeRetweets Numeric Number of negative retweets
\(x_{16}\) DepressionRetweets Numeric Number of retweets expressing depression
\(x_{17}\) PositiveHashtags Numeric Number of positive hashtags
\(x_{18}\) NegativeHashtags Numeric Number of negative hashtags
\(x_{19}\) DepressionHashtags Numeric Number of hashtags expressing depression
\(x_{20}\) SentimentScore Numeric Sentiment score of tweets
\(x_{21}\) Friends Numeric Number of friends
\(x_{22}\) Followers Numeric Number of followers
\(x_{23}\) TweetPeriod1 Numeric Number of tweets between 6 am and midnight
\(x_{24}\) TweetPeriod2 Numeric Number of tweets between midnight and 6 am
y DepressionLevel Nominal Level 0: no depression, level 1: slight depression, level 2: depression