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Table 6 The number of topics and topic words in the LDA result

From: An intelligent literature review: adopting inductive approach to define machine learning applications in the clinical domain

Topic number Topic words
0 Analysis, study, models, prediction, disease, performance, different, results, patient, feature
1 Models, prediction, study, analysis, disease, results, patient, performance, studies, accuracy
2 Study, models, prediction, analysis, results, disease, performance, feature, neural, accuracy
3 Models, study, analysis, patient, feature, prediction, system, studies, results, training
4 Study, models, analysis, prediction, patient, disease, information, accuracy, training, results
5 Prediction, analysis, models, study, disease, patient, information, results, validation, training
6 Study, analysis, feature, models, performance, prediction, disease, studies, patient, accuracy
7 Study, models, disease, patient, prediction, results, performance, analysis, accuracy, algorithms
8 Study, disease, analysis, studies, models, accuracy, prediction, performance, decision, algorithm