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Table 2 Required and optional input parameters

From: Efficient spatial data partitioning for distributed \(k\)NN joins

Parameter Type Default Description
\(RDD_{Right}\) RDD   A Spark RDD of spatial objects\(^4\)
\(RDD_{Left}\) RDD   A Spark RDD of spatial objects\(^4\)
gridDim Integer 100 Initial grid spatial index cell size for grouping the \(right\) dataset objects that are within gridDim.
maxPartSize Integer 0 The partition’s maximum memory size in Bytes. If set to 0, the process uses all available memory.
spatialIndexType SpatialIndex Quadtree Type of spatial index to use (e.g., Quadtree or Kd-Tree). Supported types extend a interface.
Other    Parameters specific to the spatial query (e.g., k for \(k\)NN, range for range query)