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Table 3 User’s profile information obtained after cross-social analysis

From: Social network data analysis to highlight privacy threats in sharing data

Full name Name and Surname of the user.
Mobile_phone Mobile number of the person.
Telephone Landline number.
Website Personal or company website.
Email Personal email.
Birthday Date of birth.
City_of_Birth Place of birth, can be the same as current place of residence.
Employment Job position.
Placed_Lives Current place of residence, can be the same as place of birth.
Gender Gender of the individual.
Skype Skype nickname.
College Name of the college or university attended.
Status Professional status or highest level of education.
School Attended schools.
Groups Names of groups to which the user is subscribed.
Interests Interests of the user.
Company Company name the employee belongs
Biography Biography written by the user.
Languages Languages of the user.