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Table 2 Examples of BDAC review studies

From: A new theoretical understanding of big data analytics capabilities in organizations: a thematic analysis

Source Method (# online surveys) Results
[4] Thematic analysis: 14 firms, Identified factors are inhibiting organizational BDAC and maximizing its gains with BDA applications
[16] Quantitative analysis (108) from 108 executive-level technology leaders BDAC leads to organizational performance
[20] Quantitative—202 technology leaders in Norwegian firms Explained the advantages of BDAC to enable and support organization capability
[24] Quantitative— (297) from Chinese IT managers Determined BDAC to, directly and indirectly, impact firm performance
[25] Quantitative—109 case description analysis Revealed how to establish BDAC for business transformation
[26] Quantitative (152) Advances BDAC conceptualization and the role of Analytics Capability Business Strategy Alignment in enhancing organization’s performance
[27] Quantitative analysis (306) An organization’s intention for BDA and its competence for maintaining the quality of corporate data and decision making
[28] Quantitative analysis (161) Organizational-level BDA use significantly impacts two supply chain value creation types: asset productivity and business growth
[29] Quantitative (30) Data and organization domains have a greater impact than technology and support domains
[30] Qualitative: 3 exploratory case studies Examined how BDA uses enhanced operations and identified links with operations performance