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Table 11 BDA themes

From: A new theoretical understanding of big data analytics capabilities in organizations: a thematic analysis

Research theme


BDA resource concinnity

12% of articles focus on implementing BDAC, but limited information is provided on orchestrating and handling such resources to build BDAC within an organization. The potential to strategically leverage these resources must be increased. Future research must identify how to build proficiency

BD proficiencies

7% of articles focus on organization proficiency rather than Big Data proficiency; these two must be differentiated. An organization can implement and develop substantial BDA proficiency but may utilize it only in specific functions such as finance and marketing. Future research should focus on building both BDAC and organization proficiency

Transforming BD into actionable insights

To comprehend the value of BDAC, data must be transformed into actionable insights to improve organization decisions. 15% of research articles focused on transforming BDAC into action. Organizations may depend upon many factors which can be manipulated experimentally in future studies using BDAC and OD frameworks

Management attitude towards BD and its impact

18% of studies revealed that an organization’s management normally decided to implement Big Data but did not fully support the capability of the decision-making process. Management use prediction technique over BDA result which has been studied and found in only 12% articles presented management. Investment in BDA is affected by a lack of understanding of its capabilities by high-level management

Organization value assessment with BDA

Specific performance measures must be established that rely on the number of contextual factors and the area in which BDA is deployed. 7% of articles considered organizations were ready for BDA implementation, but organization structure must be supportive to enable the realization of BDA benefits