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Table 12 Results of evaluation

From: Big knowledge-based semantic correlation for detecting slow and low-level advanced persistent threats

Actual class\Predicted class APT Benign Total Recognition(%)
APT 8(TP) 1 (FN) 9(P) 88.88 (Sensitivity= \(\frac{TP}{P}\))
Benign 12(FP) 98(TN) 110(N) 89.09 (Specificity= \(\frac{TN}{N}\))
Total 20 99 119 89.07(Accuracy= \(\frac{TP+TN}{P+N}\))
Other metrics(%) 40.00 (Precision= \(\frac{TP}{TP+FP}\)) 88.88 (Recall= \(\frac{TP}{TP+FN}\)) 55.17 (F-Measure) 10.92 (Error-rate= \(\frac{FP+FN}{P+N}\))