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Table 1 Surveyed works on outlier detection and OCC

From: A literature review on one-class classification and its potential applications in big data

# Paper Method(s) Domain
1 Anomaly, novelty, one-class classification: a comprehensive introduction [7] Gaussian, OCSVM Masquerader detection
2 One-class classification with extreme learning machine [23] OCC based on ELM UCI datasets
3 Outlier detection with one-class SVMs: an application to melanoma prognosis [25] OCSVM, ANN Healthcare
4 Patient classification as an outlier detection problem: an application of the one-class support vector machine [27] OCSVM Healthcare
5 Outlier analysis and one class classification approach for planetary gearbox diagnosis [28] Parzen, SVDD, Gaussian Vibration signal
Outlier detection
6 One class random forests [29] OCRF UCI datasets
7 Clustering-based ensembles for one-class classification [18] OCSVM Miscellaneous datasets
8 Graph-based semi-supervised one-class support vector machine for detecting abnormal lung sounds [20] Graph-based Semi-Supervised OCSVM Healthcare
9 On the construction of extreme learning machine for online and offline one-class classification—an expanded toolbox [21] ELM, OSELM Miscellaneous datasets
10 One-class classifiers with incremental learning and forgetting for data streams with concept drift [22] Weighted OCSVM Streaming data classification
11 One-class classification-based real-time activity error detection in smart homes [30] OCSVM Smart home sensors
12 An intelligent outlier detection method with one class support tucker machine and genetic algorithm toward big sensor data in Internet of Things [31] OCSTuM, GA-OCSTuM Miscellaneous datasets
Internet of things
13 Minimum variance-embedded deep kernel regularized least squares method for one-class classification and its applications to biomedical data [32] Deep Kernel OCC Miscellaneous datasets
14 Towards explaining anomalies: a deep Taylor decomposition of one-class models [34] OCDTD
Miscellaneous datasets
15 Depression and anorexia detection in social media as a one-class classification problem [36] OCC-kSS, gSC Healthcare
16 A Hybrid Unsupervised Clustering-Based Anomaly Detection Method [38] SSC, OCSVM Network intrusion detection
17 Machine Learning for Automatic Processing of Modal Analysis in Damage Detection of Bridges [40] OCCNN, OCCNN2 Bridge structural vibration analysis
18 Network intrusion detection model using one-class support vector machine [41] OCSVM Novel NIDS Dataset
19 One-class classification based bug triage System to assign a newly added developer [42] OCSVM Software bug triage