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Table 2 Notational conventions for the appendices

From: Cumulative deviation of a subpopulation from the full population

Symbol Meaning Equation
D Kuiper statistic (49)
\(\Delta _k\) Expected slope of \(F_j - {\tilde{F}}_j\) from \(j = k-1\) to \(j = k\) (47)
\(F_k\) Cumulative response (44)
\({\tilde{F}}_k\) Cumulative perfectly calibrated response (cumulative success probability) (45)
G Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic (48)
\(P_k\) Actual probability of success for a Bernoulli trial in synthetic data (Subsection A.3)
\(R_k\) Response—(random) dependent variable, outcome, or result (41)
\(S_k\) Success probability score—(non-random) independent variable (41)
\(\sigma \) Scale of random fluctuations over the full range of success probabilities (50)
\(X_k\) Abscissa of the observations for reliability diagrams (43)
\(Y_k\) Ordinate of the observations for reliability diagrams (42)
  1. Table 1 summarizes the notation used before the appendices. The symbols in the tables are in alphabetical order