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Table 8 List of activity names initialized in Fig. 4

From: Improving efficiency for discovering business processes containing invisible tasks in non-free choice

No Alias Real task name No Alias Real task name
1 UL User login 24 BI Buy items
2 OD Open discount 25 IEP Input expedition price
3 SDE Set discount end time 26 PI Purchasing items
4 SDN Set discount name 27 PE Payment with E-facture
5 SDT Set discount type 28 MP Make payment
6 SDS Set discount start time 29 LN Print tax invoice
7 SAD Set amount of discount 30 FT Finish transaction
8 FD Finish discount 31 DP Direct payment
9 UL User logout 32 OC Open capital
10 OS Open selling 33 IMN Input modal name
11 CI Choose item 34 IMA Input modal amount
12 CPT Choose payment type 35 TE Type explanation
13 CCT Choose customer type 36 FM Finish modal
14 SI Sell item 37 OW Open warehouse
15 OGL Open general ledger 38 CP Choose product
16 CAC Choose account code 39 CC Choose category
17 CAG Choose account group 40 IPN Input product name
18 CAP Choose account parent 41 IP Insert picture
19 FAN Fill account name 42 IB Input barcode
20 AA Add account 43 IPP Input purchase price
21 OP Open purchasing 44 ISP Input selling price
22 CS Choose supplier 45 FP Finish product
23 CE Choose expedition