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Table 4 The algorithm of GIT for discovering sequence relations

From: Improving efficiency for discovering business processes containing invisible tasks in non-free choice

  1. where:
  2. \({\text{event}}\): activity in the event log
  3. \({\text{nodeAsact}}\): node of graph database as activity
  4. count_event-1: the number of events minus 1 in the event log
  5. count_variants_activities: the number of variaties of activities that are arranged into a process model in the graph database
  6. \({\text{event}}\left[ {\text{i}} \right]_{{CaseID}}\): CaseID of an i-order event
  7. \({\text{nodeAsact}}\left[ {\text{j}} \right]_{{Name}}\): name of activity in the graph database