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Table 2 Features selected for machine learning purposes. Selected features are obtained using Fisher Score and PCA algorithms, respectively

From: Prediction of chemoresistance trait of cancer cell lines using machine learning algorithms and systems biology analysis

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
actn4 abcb7 abcb7 abca5 acad8 abcb7 abcc13 actn3 abcb1
abhd12b acot9 acaca abcc3 abcb7 abcc9 acox1 abca9 abcb11
Acadl abcd1 abcc2 acot9 abcc3 actn1 Acads abca13 abca4
abcc5 actn3 acot2 acacb acot9 acot9 actn4 abcb1 acot9
acaa1 acaa2 abtb2 actn4 abtb2 acaa2 abcc5 acot7 acot11
abcb7 abca5 actn4 abtb2 actn4 abca4 Acaca abtb2 acaa2
abca12 acaa1 abca5 abca4 abca5 actn4 abca5 abca12 abca13
Acan actn4 abcc5 abcc8 abcd1 acaa1 Acd actr1a actr1a
Abra aars2 aadat aars2 aars2 Aadat Aadat aadat aadat
Aadat abra ablim1 abo Abr Abra abtb2 abra abtb2
acsl4 abhd10 abcc3 abcc5 abcg8 abhd10 abcg5 abhd12b abhd14a
abcc3 accs abcg4 abcg8 acbd5 acbd5 Ache accs acd
Accs acsl4 acan acbd5 abcc8 acsl1 abcc3 abcc8 abcc9
abcg4 abcc9 acads acads Acan abcc8 acsl5 acsl1 acsl4
Acd acbd5 acsf2 acsl4 acsl4 Acan ace2 acbd5 accs
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
acox3 abcc13 abcd1 abcc2 abcb7 abca4 abcc5 abca6 abce1
abcc8 acan abcc2 abcd1 acox1 abcb7 acsbg2 abcc5 abra
acbd5 abcc8 abcc8 abcc8 abcc3 acox1 abcg5 acads abcg4
actn4 aass abcb8 abcb8 Abr abcc5 acad8 actn4 acot12
acad8 actn4 abcb7 abcb7 ace2 Abra abca5 acaca acaa2
abca5 acad8 acot9 acot7 acsl6 abcg1 abcc2 abcc2 abcf2
abcc3 abca6 abca6 abca6 abcg1 acsl6 actn4 abca5 abl2
acaa2 abcd3 actn4 actn4 Acd ace2 Acd aars2 abcf3
aars2 aars2 Aadat aadat Acaca Acacb Aadat abcd1 acss2
abcd3 acaa2 Abra abr aco1 aco1 acaa2 abcc9 abcg5
abcd1 abcd1 abhd10 abhd10 acsl5 acsl5 abhd12b acaa2 Acads
abhd14a abhd14b Accs accs Acadm Acads Acmsd abhd11 abcc3
Acly ache acsl1 acsf2 abcg5 abcg5 acsl6 ache abca8
Ache ace2 abce1 abce1 abca13 abca12 abcc9 ace2 acot2
acsl6 acsm3 acbd5 acbd5 abcc9 abcd1 Acly acsl5 acsl4