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Table 1 Samples collected from NCBI GEO database

From: Prediction of chemoresistance trait of cancer cell lines using machine learning algorithms and systems biology analysis

Series number Platform Cancer Type Number of Samples
GSE26465 GPL6104 Ovarian 6(2 s,4r)
GSE33482 GPL6480 Ovarian 12(6 s,6r)
GSE21656 GPL6244 Lung 6(3 s,3r)
GSE84146 GPL6480 Lung (2 cell lines), Ovarian (2 cell lines) 16(2 s,2r&2 s,2r&2 s,2r&2 s,2r)
GSE73935 GPL13667 Ovarian (2 cell lines) 15(3 s,6r&3 s,3r)
GSE58470 GPL6947 Ovarian 6(3 s,3r)
GSE45553 GPL6244 Ovarian 8(4 s,4r)
GSE73978 GPL6244 Pancreatic Cancer (2 cell lines) 12(3 s,3r&3 s,3r)
GSE51683 GPL6244 Ovarian 4(2 s,2r)