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Table 1 The likelihood ratio test (LRT) and Vuong test among the ZIP, ZINB, PLH, and NBLH models

From: Bayesian negative binomial logit hurdle and zero-inflated model for characterizing smoking intensity

Likelihood ratio Test for nested models
Model Hypothesis p-value Preferable model
ZIP = PLH vs ZINB = NBLH H0:\(\varnothing \) =0 VS H1:\(\varnothing \) >0  < 2.2e−16 ZINB = NBLH
Vuong test for non-nested models
Model Hypothesis Vuong statistics p-value Comment
ZIP vs PLH Model1 = model2 vs Model1 > model2 1.216179 0.11196 ZIP = PLH
ZINB vs NBLH Model1 = model2 vs Model1 > model2 1.234438 0.10852 ZINB = NBLH