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Table 19 Mean performance of CatBoost, LightGBM and CategoricalNB in terms of AUC and F1-score on a one-feature dataset of Destination_Port only

From: Detecting cybersecurity attacks across different network features and learners

Classifier AUC SD AUC F1-Score SD F1
CatBoost 0.9073306 0.0002258 0.7357801 0.0003923
LightGBM 0.9073228 0.0002276 0.7357771 0.0003934
CNB 0.9073425 0.0002269 0.7357834 0.0003924
  1. Best metrics are highlighted in italics; SD AUC is the standard deviation of AUC and SD F1 is the standard deviation of the F1-score