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Table 7 Real-world publicly available datasets and its respective domains, along with the respective papers and total number of papers which used the datasets for performance evaluation

From: Sensor data quality: a systematic review

(GSB, LUCE, FishNet)
Environmental sensing[35, 57, 58]
[38] (GSB and FishNet)
[48] (GSB and LUCE)
Intel BerkeleyEnvironmental sensing[35, 36, 39, 48, 62, 63]6
UCI machine learning repository water treatment plant datasetSmart city
(wastewater treatment)
[46, 55]2
Numenta anomaly benchmarkGeneral
(streaming data)
Networked aquatic microbial observing system (NAMOS)Environmental sensing
(marine environment)
TasMAN Sullivans Cove MarineEnvironmental sensing
(marine environment)
MERLSenseEnvironmental sensing[66]1
Caltrans PeMS traffic monitoringSmart city
(traffic flow monitoring)