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Table 3 Initial parameters for forecast quality assessment

From: Large-scale forecasting of information spreading

Name Description Value
\(\Delta t\) Length of model time unit 10 min
\(n\) Number of iterations 72
\(T\) Prediction period (\(n\Delta t = T\)) 720 min = 12 h (for each IM)
\(p\) Number of IMs 30
\(k\) Number of batches (\(A\)—set of assimilation batches, \(A\)—set of check batches,\(A \subseteq C\)) \(\left| C \right| = 24\), to study the influence of the batch frequency following number of batches for assimilation were used: for 30 min \(\left| A \right| = 24\), for 60 min \(\left| A \right| = 12\)
\(l\) The length of the time interval between batches (\(lk\)—the period of assimilation) 30 min ({30 min, 60 min, 90 min} to study the effect of the frequency of the batch)
\(N\) The number of computational processes 8