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Table 1 Selected studies on the impact of rail transit on commercial properties

From: Impact of rail transit station proximity to commercial property prices: utilizing big data in urban real estate

Authors Location Rail type Measure of property value Findings
Cervero and Duncan [22] Santa Clara County, USA LRT and commuter rail Hedonic price LRT station contributes to the increase of commercial land values on average by more than US$ 4
Kim and Zhang [16] Seoul, Korea MRT Hedonic price The transit station located near CBD has a premium of US$7.54/meter
Mohammad, Graham, & Melo [17] Dubai, UAE MRT Hedonic price and difference – in – difference (DID) The impact of metro on the value of commercials within 701 to 900 m is 76%
Zhang and Xu [23] Wuhan, China MRT Hedonic price Commercial property gained the highest value compared to other types of properties concentrate of 300 m from transit station about 14.7%
Seo, Salon, Kuby, & Golub [14] Arizona, USA LRT Hedonic price Light rail stations have a positive impact on commercial property values