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Table 8 Comparison of proposed solution with related works

From: Short-term stock market price trend prediction using a comprehensive deep learning system

Related work Dataset Model Accuracy Precision Recall
Khaidem and Dey [18] Stock price data of AAPL, GE and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Random forest 0.83 0.82 0.81
Ayo [2] Close price of stock data from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) ARIMA 0.90 0.91 0.92
Zubair et al. [47] KSE 100 Index
Lucky Cement Stock
Engro Fertilizer Limited
Multiple regression 0.94 0.95 0.93
(Proposed solution) Price data of 3558 stock ID from 2017 to 2018 collected from Chinese stock market Proposed ModelFE + RFE + PCA + LSTM 0.93 0.96 0.96