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Table 2 Event monitoring difference between default mouse tracking, whole page tracking, and ROI tracking. Second to fourth row contains the three different method of mouse tracking, the first column are the events, and the rest marks whether the events are available on the mouse tracking method or not

From: Using real-time online preprocessed mouse tracking for lower storage and transmission costs

Events Mouse tracking Page tracking ROI tracking
Duration \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\)
Click Left \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\)
Click Right \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\)
Click Middle \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\)
Mouse X \(\checkmark\) Partial
Mouse Y \(\checkmark\) Partial
Touch X \(\checkmark\) Partial
Touch Y \(\checkmark\) Partial
Keyboard Type \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\)
Scroll X \(\checkmark\) Partial
Scroll Y \(\checkmark\) Partial
Other Events \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\)
Events Amount \(\checkmark\) \(\checkmark\)