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Fig. 5

From: Prediction of ESG compliance using a heterogeneous information network

Fig. 5

Comparison of basis vector 4 and basis vector 13. The dotted vertical lines divide each path segment. Because there are relation types that do not appear in some path segments, the total number of features is 526 instead of 1296 (\(216 \times 6\)). Peaks in basis vector 4: (a) in-licensing, (b) in-licensing, (c) in-licensing, (d) out-licensing, (e) distributor, (f) in-licensing, (g) out-licensing, and (h) customer. Peaks in basis vector 13: (a) customer, (b) partner-manufacture, (c) international shipping (d) receive goods, (e) international shipping, (f) international shipping (g) receive goods, and (h) franchise

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