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Table 2 Emerging financial factors relating to big data. Source: Author’s explanation

From: Current landscape and influence of big data on finance

Major studiesFinancial marketCredit company, banking risk and loansInternet FinanceFinancial managementFinancial growthFinancial analysis and applicationData mining and fraud detectionRisk managementOther financial practices
Choi and Lambert [13]Yes Yes
Fanning and Grant [23]YesYes
Cerchiello and Giudici [11]YesYesYes
Sun et al. [74]YesYes
Campbell-verduyn et al. [10]Yes
Shen and Chen [71]Yes
Begenau et al. [6]YesYes
Corporation [14]Yes
Pérez-Martín et al. [62]YesYesYes
Niu [57]YesYesYes
Sun et al. [73]Yes YesYes
Baak and Hensbergen [3]YesYesYes
Tang et al. [75]YesYes
Kshetri [49]YesYes
Khadjeh Nassirtoussi et al [47]YesYes
Yang et al. [82]Yes
Lien [51]Yes
Yu et al. [84]Yes
Retail banks and big data: Big data as the key to better risk management [66]YesYesYes
Yu Shen, n.d. [70]YesYes
Bollen et al. [9]YesYes
Zhang et al. [85]YesYes  
Glancy and Yadav [24]YesYes
Gray and Debreceny [25]YesYes
Hajizadeh et al.[28]YesYes
Jin et al.[44]YesYes
Hagenau et al. [27]YesYes
Oracle [58]YesYes
Peji [60]YesYes
Ngai et al. [56]YesYes
Andreasen et al.[1]YesYes
Barr et al. [5]   Yes YesYesYesYes
Liu et al. [52]YesYes Yes
Yu and Guo [82]YesYes   YesYesYesYes
Mulla and Van Vliet [55]YesYes Yes
Hussain and Prieto [41]YesYes
Hale and Lopez[29]YesYesYesYes