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Table 4 Comparison of high-level Spark programming with existing solutions, as in [57]

From: Graphical Flow-based Spark Programming

ToolsInteraction endpointTarget frameworkHigh-level programmingCode-snippet input not requiredGenerate Big Data program
LemonadeFlow-based GUI toolSpark ML (via Python APIs)
Apache ZeppelinInteractive shellMulti-language back-end including Spark and Flink
Apache NiFiFlow-based GUI toolInterfaces with Spark and Flink
Apache BeamFlow-based programming APIUnified Programming model for Big Data systems including Spark and Flink
Microsoft AzureFlow-based GUI toolIncludes Spark
QryGraphFlow-based GUI toolPig
NussknackerFlow-based GUI toolFlink
QM-IConfFlow-based GUI toolStorm
Our approach prototyped in aFluxFlow-based GUI toolSpark, Flink [17]. Extensible