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Table 5 Variable value of the word “long” calculated for both domains

From: Evaluating the performance of sentence level features and domain sensitive features of product reviews on supervised sentiment analysis tasks

Variable value Domain
Electronics Automobile
Review sentence I mounted a shelf above the TV to get the cable box out of the way and avoid having to run a long HDMI cable through the wall …but they are built solid, nice tough big hard clamps and love having a long cable so I never have to move cars around or anything if needed
\(pw_{k}\) 230 495
\(f\left( {pw_{k} ,w_{i} } \right)\) 85 145
\(N\) 130,765 170,873
\(Nw_{i}\) 186 208
\(r\) 241 422
\(cts_{i}\) 0.32 0.25
\(\theta_{i}\) 57.6° 45°
\(x_{i}\) 0.29 0.66
\(y_{i}\) 0.45 0.66
  1. Italic values indicate Senticircle parameters calculated in both domains