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Table 6 Dependent variables notation

From: Using electronic transaction data to add geographic granularity to official estimates of retail sales

Notation Definition
\(K_{ijk|s}^{adj}\) Share of unsuppressed adjusted FD spend
\(= \frac{{t_{ijk}^{adj} }}{{\mathop \sum \nolimits_{k \in s} t_{ijk}^{adj} }}\)
\(L_{s}\) Share of 2012 EC sales associated with unsuppressed states
\(= \frac{{\mathop \sum \nolimits_{k \in s} EC_{ijk} }}{{\mathop \sum \nolimits_{k \in U} EC_{ijk} }}\)
\(y_{ijk}^{adj}\) Dependent variable (an estimate of sales)
\(= K_{ijk|s}^{adj} L_{s} \widehat{Y}^{MRTS}\)