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Table 1 Summary of quality criteria by industry

From: Using electronic transaction data to add geographic granularity to official estimates of retail sales

Industry Quality criteria
Suppression Coverage (FD-to-EC and FD-to-MRTS) Trend correlations
Certainty-to-noncertainty FD region-to-region FD region-to-MRTS
441 Motor vehicle and parts dealers X   X   
442 Furniture and home furnishings stores X*     
443 Electronics and appliance stores     X* X*
444 Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers X X X X X
445 Food and beverage stores X X X X* X*
446 Health and personal care stores X*     
447 Gasoline stations X* X X X* X*
448 Clothing and clothing accessories stores X X X X* X*
451 Sporting goods, hobby, musical instrument, and book stores      
452 General merchandise stores X*   X   
453 Miscellaneous store retailers X*     
454 Nonstore retailers    X   
722 Food services and drinking places X X X X X
  1. X indicates acceptable quality, and X* indicates acceptable quality with some notable geographic and/or time exceptions. Industries selected for estimation are in italics