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Table 2 List of some of big companies which provide services on big data analysis in healthcare sector

From: Big data in healthcare: management, analysis and future prospects

Company Description Web link
IBM Watson Health Provides services on sharing clinical and health related data among hospital, researchers, and provider for advance researches
MedeAnalytics Provides performance management solutions, health systems and plans, and health analytics along with long track record facility of patient data
Health Fidelity Provides management solution for risks assessment in workflows of healthcare organization and methods for optimization and adjustment
Roam Analytics Provides platforms for digging into big unstructured healthcare data for getting meaningful information
Flatiron Health Provides applications for organizing and improving oncology data for better cancer treatment
Enlitic Provides deep learning using large-scale data sets from clinical tests for healthcare diagnosis
Digital Reasoning Systems Provides cognitive computing services and data analytic solutions for processing and organizing unstructured data into meaningful data
Ayasdi Provides AI accommodated platform for clinical variations, population health, risk management and other healthcare analytics
Linguamatics Provides text mining platform for digging important information from unstructured healthcare data
Apixio Provides cognitive computing platform for analyzing clinical data and pdf health records to generate deep information
Roam Analytics Provides natural language processing infrastructure for modern healthcare systems
Lumiata Provides services for analytics and risk management for efficient outcomes in healthcare
OptumHealth Provides healthcare analytics, improve modern health system’s infrastructure and comprehensive and innovative solutions for the healthcare industry