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Table 8 Summary of different techniques in video analysis

From: Intelligent video surveillance: a review through deep learning techniques for crowd analysis

Title Method Tool Data set
Scenario-based query processing for video-surveillance archives [95] Query processing system and inverted tracking VSQL PETS 2006 and PETS 2007
Activity retrieval in large surveillance videos [96] Dynamic matching algorithm Query creation GUI Pets, Mit traffic
Integrated video object tracking with applications in trajectory-based event detection [97] Adaptive particle sampling and Kalman filtering Not mentioned PETS 2001 test dataset1, camera 1
Evidential event inference in transport video surveillance [98] Using spatio-temporal correlations for reasoning Jones and Viola face detector Own data set
Abnormal event detection based on analysis of movement information of video sequence [99] Optical flow and Hidden Markov model Not mentioned UMN, PETS
Anomalous entities detection and localization in pedestrian flows [100] Gaussian kernel based feature integration and R-CRF model based classification Not mentioned UCSD, UMN, UCD
Snatch theft detection in unconstrained surveillance videos using action attribute modelling [101] A large GMM called universal attribute model   Own Dataset Snatch 1.0
ArchCam: real time expert system for suspicious behaviour detection in ATM site [102] Image processing technique NVIDIA Tegra TX1 SoC 340 with quad core ARM processor and 256 cores GPU Videos under a mock ATM setup